Checklist to Save Money

Here is a quick checklist that will help you save money. These are a few ways you can help us by providing the information so that we can save you time and money.

Client checklist


  • Keep all receipts for any purchases you need to run your business. These include any tools you buy or hire, any goods or materials as required. (Do not include any ‘household shopping bills’ or any eating out receipts; entertaining) these are not allowed by the revenue as expenses to set against your business.
  • Vehicle expenses:
    Any hire or lease or outright purchase receipts for cars or vans etc; ALL petrol or diesel receipts, any repairs, tyres, etc: yearly car tax and insurance, breakdown cover etc:
  • Stationery:
    All receipts for any stamps, parcel posting, printing paper, and business cards printer ink. Computers, monitors or any software needed for your business.
  • Phones:
    Landline and mobile purchases or monthly account receipts:
  • Insurances or trade cover:
    Your indemnity cover, and professional or professional bodies you belong to; the total yearly costs.
  • Banking:
    Copies or originals of your bank statements cover the Tax Year in question. These are from April 6th to April 5th the next.



  • Any invoices for work you have done and/or bank statements showing in going’s relating to your work that you have invoiced to your customers.
  • If registered in the building trade any CIS vouchers or invoices as proof of tax deducted at source.
  • If you pay national Insurance contributions through NICO by direct debit these will be on your bank statements.


Tony Rouse
Thomas Anthony & Associates